LED lamp performance evaluation


(A) Color Space Uniformity Evaluation To evaluate the d […]

(A) Color Space Uniformity Evaluation To evaluate the difference in viewing angle for the presence of LED luminaires.
The characteristics of a single light emitter of a conventional light source are different. An LED lamp used in an LED lamp is composed of a plurality of light emitters and emits light. There is a color difference between light emitters in an LED lamp. The color space uniformity evaluation needs to be used to evaluate the color of the LED lamp The spatial distribution of the situation.
(B) Use life to evaluate the durability of LED lamps.
The measurement and evaluation of the lifetime performance of traditional light sources are standardized and interchangeable, so the life of a conventional light source lamp can be met by replacing the damaged light source with a control device of a lamp designed according to a 10-year lifetime, and thus generally not evaluated The life of traditional light fixtures. LED lamp life and the life of the LED itself, the LED driver and the LED lighting provided by the environment and many other factors, and the current LED light form, in addition to the standard lamp with LED, the other LED lamps are not interchangeable, so that Different LED lamps, their life expectancy can only be determined by the relevant life assessment. When evaluating the life of an LED luminaire, it is important to claim not only LX but also FX.
(C) Luminous flux can be used to assess the proportion of luminous flux parameters and traditional different. Traditional lighting fixtures to evaluate the efficiency of lighting, and LED lighting use of light evaluation.
(D) unlike the traditional lighting source can be a separate photometric test, photometry can be used when the relative law, LED light source is extremely sensitive to temperature, it is not appropriate to separate the LED light source from the lamp separate measurements, photometry should be used absolute method of lighting Overall photometric test.


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