LED light bulb bad, not bright, flash, micro-bright reason analysis, how to repair?


At present, the market quality of LED light bulbs, may […]

At present, the market quality of LED light bulbs, may be used for a short time on the bad, so bad, how should I do? Here are some methods for finishing.
First look at the market from the shell material on the common three kinds of light bulbs:
All plastic LED bulbs
This LED bulb is the cheapest on the market, but also the worst quality, the most low-end products. There is no doubt that the problem is the most. Because the material from the fundamental decision, the plastic LED bulbs are generally resistance to pressure step-down (large wattage is also useful for linear constant current drive), light board and some even use the glass plate, and even cardboard There is no plastic shell of the whole body can not heat, born not long life. There may be a large wattage of aluminum radiator.
If it is broken directly, nothing to repair.
Aluminum-plastic LED bulb
This type of light bulb is currently on the market more stable quality, but also with the most. Its shell structure is outside the plastic, there are aluminum heat dissipation, if the conscience of the manufacturers to use the cross-flow constant pressure drive, the service life is very long, if the material is not cut corners, the general will not be any problem.
If it is broken, the light is broken, change the light source. Drive bad drive can be.
All aluminum LED bulbs
This kind of bulb is a few years ago the market is more popular program, because the material cost factors are gradually replaced by aluminum-plastic type. Of course, this with aluminum, heat is very good, life is also very good. The only drawback is the high cost of materials, the price is high. In case of use, the problem is very small.
If it is broken, the light is broken, change the light source. Drive bad drive can be.
LED bulbs from the shell material is the above mentioned three: plastic, aluminum, aluminum.
LED bulbs from the drive power classification: RC capacity buck, linear constant current, constant current constant pressure.
Driving power is the core of the bulb, the bad situation may occur:
1. The whole light does not shine,
2. light light,
3. The lights appear flashing situation,
It does not light for a while.
LED bulbs from the light source: the current market are mostly 5730 light source, of course, there are enough tile and less than the points of the tile.
Light source may be the case of bad:
1. part of the light; part of the light does not shine,
2. The whole light does not shine,
3. A light appears black spots,
4. The whole lamp appears to deviate from the conventional color temperature.
Generally good quality light bulbs at least 3 years or more, buy low-cost products more easily problems, it is recommended to use a good cooling aluminum or aluminum shell, constant current constant pressure drive, foot tile LED bulbs.log on to our official website for more details :http://www.gentwin.com/

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