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In the eyes of ordinary people, LED light source and LE […]

In the eyes of ordinary people, LED light source and LED lamps seem the same, but in the eyes of professionals these two concepts are completely different. From a professional point of view, LED light source and LED lights have a very significant difference, this article will be for this distinction to explain in many ways, interested friends come to see.
LED misunderstanding of the reasons for the LED light source: the traditional light source in the lamps are almost all can be replaced. With the advent of LED, the use of LED modules, most of the lamps in the form of irreplaceable, it seems to show the trend of integration, LED light source and LED lighting boundaries seem to be clear. The whole is a light, can be regarded as light source? The actual definition of the "note" in the definition of the lamp: the use of a monolithic irreplaceable light source is regarded as a lamp, the use of LED module lamp is just a light example.
The light source has the characteristics of being used by different lamps: the light source is used by the lamp. Light source metaphor for the source of water, then metaphor for the spring water. LED light source can be used in the downlight, but also can be used in road lighting. "LED lights" or "LED tunnel lights" is understood as "light", then it can not be reused by other lamps, and "lamps" use "light" concept contrary. As a light source, there is no special enclosure protection rating requirement or should reach IP20. However, the indoor lamp protection class should reach at least IP20, LED road lighting enclosure protection level should reach at least IPX3, tunnel lighting enclosure protection level should reach at least IPX5.
LED light source efficiency is not the same as the LED lamp performance, the light source, the light effect is a classic indicator project, the emergence of each new light source directly with its higher luminous efficiency, so that the light effect is also no Exceptionally become an important indicator of the performance of LED light source. Of course, the light source of other performance indicators also include color rendering index, color coordinates, color temperature and life expectancy and so on. The use of traditional light source lamps, lamps, light output, that is, the ability to convert light source luminous flux, lamp performance is a classic indicator project. As the LED light source performance parameters have not yet reached the level of standardization, and many lamps use LED light source can not be replaced, so the concept of light efficiency has also been misused to the LED lighting products.


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