LED light source equipment inspection and cleaning work


     Now LED lights are everywhere, the market demand f […]

     Now LED lights are everywhere, the market demand for LED continues to increase, which also makes more and more manufacturers began to invest in the production of LED light source equipment, LED light source equipment in the production process is an essential equipment, so how Do this equipment inspection and cleaning work?
First of all, to do a good job of inspection, as more parts and components of the equipment before use to check whether the various parts are damaged, the work should also be placed after the parts in accordance with the provisions of good. In addition to check the voltage power supply equipment, is normal.
Pay attention to the cleaning of the device. After the work is completed daily, carefully clean the inside and outside of the device to ensure that it is free from dust and other debris. Then regularly conduct a major clean-up equipment, and check for damage, timely maintenance.


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