LED light source equipment selection of a few notes


Now LED light source equipment can be said that through […]

Now LED light source equipment can be said that throughout the various shops, building corners, many manufacturers just saw it is this vast market and have invested in the production of LED light source equipment. The LED light source device has become a necessity. So manufacturers in the selection of equipment which need to pay attention to what the problem?
First of all, we must take into account the equipment for the manufacturer is applicable, different types of equipment, LED light source produced by the device characteristics are not the same. What products manufacturers need, the size of the equipment and site requirements, manufacturers need to consider the issue.
Second is the cost of equipment. This is the first thing that every manufacturer considers when buying equipment. Of course, manufacturers can not simply consider the purchase cost of equipment, but also take into account the equipment maintenance and repair costs, consumption of supplies, and production efficiency and other issues.


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