LED light source of practicality


1.LED lamp light source is a new type of energy saving […]

1.LED lamp light source is a new type of energy saving lamp, using ultra-high brightness imported chip as the light source, ultra-low power, long life;
2. Built-in microcomputer chip, programmable control, multiple simultaneous changes, monochromatic changes can also be achieved Colorful synchronous gradient, jump, scan, water and other full-color variation effect and a number of point light source composed of dot matrix screen, a variety of changes Pictures, text, animation effects, etc .;
3.LED lamp light source of linear light and flood lighting, a supplement, elegant appearance, to meet the building and other decorative point-line surface design requirements;
4. Product waterproof, easy to control, easy to install, widely used in buildings, playgrounds, large billboards, curtain wall, square streets and other places.


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