LED light source specifications


First, the size of LED Size: 0603,0805,1210,5050 refers […]

First, the size of LED Size: 0603,0805,1210,5050 refers to the use of light-emitting components LED lights with the size of the size of LED (inch / metric), the following is a detailed description of these specifications:
0603: Converted to metric is 1005, which means that the length of LED components is 1.0mm, the width is 0.5mm. Industry referred to as 1005, the British system called 0603.
0805: Converted to metric is 2125, which means that the length of the LED components is 2.0mm, the width is 1.25mm. Industry referred to as 2125, British called 0805.
1210: Converted to metric is 3528, which means that the length of LED components is 3.5mm, the width is 2.8mm. Industry referred to as 3528, English name is 1210.
5050: This is the metric name, which means that the length of LED components is 5.0mm, the width is 5.0mm. Industry abbreviation 5050.

Second, the number of LED lights: 15 lights, 30 lights, 60 lights is the LED light with the length of each meter on the number of welded LED components, in general, 1210 specifications with 60 meters per meter LED, 5050 specifications with each light 30 meters of rice LED, a special 60 meters per meter LED. LED lights with different numbers of LED lights with different prices, which is the difference between the price of LED lights with an important factor.

Third, the color temperature: refers to a standard blackbody heating, the temperature rises to a certain extent, the color starts from crimson - light red - yellow - white - blue, gradually changing, a light source and black body color the same time, we will bold The absolute temperature is called the color temperature of the light source.
In general, color temperature is not as an indicator of LED lights with assessment, but many foreign customers because of the use of the environment, will do a special request.
Light color temperature is different, light color is also different:
Color temperature below 3300K, light color red to give a warm feeling; a steady atmosphere, warm feeling., Commonly known as warm color temperature.
LED color temperature contrast color temperature in the 3000 - 6000K for the middle, people in this tone no particular visual psychology, there is a refreshing feeling; so called "neutral" color temperature
Color temperature over 6000K, light color blue, gives the feeling of cold, known as the cold color temperature.

Fourth, brightness: cd (Candela)
Luminous intensity of the basic unit, Candela is one of the basic unit of the international system of units.
General LED lights with different colors will have different luminous intensity, commonly used unit is mcd, that millicandela. The higher the value, indicating the greater the luminous intensity, that is, the brighter. This is an important indicator to assess the brightness of LED lights, the higher the brightness of the lamp with the more expensive prices. This is because the high brightness LED chips are more expensive, and the higher the brightness, the more difficult the package.


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