LED light string application effect


1.LED net light LED net light is a holiday lighting pro […]

1.LED net light
LED net light is a holiday lighting product that connects LEDs into wires in the form of wires. It is suitable for large-area wall decoration and ceiling lighting. Our LED net lights can be made into square LED net lights and round LED net lights. U-shaped LED net light, triangular LED net light, V-shaped LED net light, star LED net light and other shapes, with controller can produce dimming, chasing flash, left and right chasing and other effects.
2.LED curtain light
3.LED ice light
The LED ice light is made up of several sets of LED light strings with different numbers of bubbles. The controller can realize the effects of flashing, chasing, etc., hanging under the eaves and imitating the posture of the North China ice bar, the flashing effect can be more People approach the world of ice and snow to create a realistic Christmas environment and atmosphere.
Our ice lamp can do 1 loop, 2 loop and 4 loops, and the controller can produce eight functions such as flashing, chasing and gradual.

4. Double loop LED light string
LED Ruyi Star Light consists of extended LED light string, external controller, can achieve a variety of flashing light changes
5. Single loop LED light string
1 single-loop LED light string is always bright, non-extendable, multiple colors can be selected
2Using double insulation structure, each wire and each wire connector are double insulated to ensure safety and reliability.
3 After waterproof treatment, it can be used outdoors, safe and reliable!


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