LED light string brightness angle


brightness The basic unit of cd (candela) luminous inte […]


The basic unit of cd (candela) luminous intensity, Candela is one of the basic units of the International System of Units.

Generally, LED lights with different colors will have different luminous intensities. The common unit is mcd, which is millicandela. The higher the value, the greater the luminous intensity, that is, the brighter. This is an important indicator for assessing the brightness of LED strips. The higher the brightness requirement, the more expensive the strip. This is because high-brightness LED chips are expensive, and the higher the brightness, the more difficult the package.

Beam angle

This refers to the angle of illumination of the LED components on the led light string. Generally, the general-purpose patch LEDs, that is, the illumination angles of the SMD components are all 120 degrees. The larger the illumination angle, the better the astigmatism effect, but the relative brightness of the luminescence is correspondingly reduced. The angle of illumination is small, the intensity of the light is up, but the range of illumination is reduced. Therefore, another important indicator for evaluating LED strips is the angle of illumination. There are some unscrupulous manufacturers in the market. In order to increase the brightness of the light to earn higher profits, the angle of illumination is deliberately reduced. If you are not careful, you will buy such shoddy components.



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