LED lighting problems


1.In the anti-surge interference with the prevalence of […]

1.In the anti-surge interference with the prevalence of LED street lamp insulation voltage problems. The EMS design of LED street lamp only considers the function of anti-surge interference, neglects the requirement of electric intensity in the lamp safety standard, and emphasizes the sufficiency of LED street lamp design input and considers other functions on the basis of meeting safety requirements.
2.There are some poor quality products on the market, the performance is not bright, short life, poor color.
3. Product claims the performance is not accurate.
4. The information on the product label is not sufficient.
5. There are many color quality problems, such as color.
6. Lighting designers still do not trust SSL products. They say more standards are needed.
7. The cost is still too high, but the high profile of the government motivates the use of SSL products


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