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LED lighting purchase is a lot of skills, the blind pur […]

LED lighting purchase is a lot of skills, the blind purchase is not only time-consuming and costly, but also failed to achieve the desired effect, LED lamp manufacturers today for everyone to share LED lighting purchase tips:

First, the cost: Whether it is engineering or home decoration, LED spotlights in the choice of, LED downlight and other LED lamps, the first consideration is the cost-effective LED lamps, LED lighting is not to say well-known brands of high cost, especially for engineering This is even more true for decoration.

Second, the value: At present, whether it is hotel lighting, museum lighting, dining lighting, or home lighting, the pursuit of fashion, to accept new things has become the trend of people to pursue, so the choice LED spotlights, LED downlights and other LED lamps, the light Changeable more and more valuable,

Third, the function of LED lamps: LED ceiling lamp (also called LED spotlight) is mainly used to highlight the display of local lighting, according to the requirements of light efficiency can be customized 5 degrees, 15 degrees, 30 degrees, 60 degrees and other angles of the lens ; LED downlight is a pan-source products, mainly to lighting as the main function; LED light strip is mainly auxiliary light effect, relative to ordinary T5 lamp, in addition to saving power can also be used in the arc of places such as the ceiling .
Fourth, the quality of LED lamps: Any product of any industry, to survive for a long time, quality is an essential factor in the choice of the corresponding LED lighting manufacturers, the quality is an essential part.
Fifth, the company's qualifications and after-sales: For the decoration project, the choice of a suitable LED lighting manufacturers is essential.


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