LED lighting technology gradually mature


    With the LED lighting technology is gradually matur […]

    With the LED lighting technology is gradually mature, LED most of the performance has been able to meet the lighting needs.
   All along, the high price has been a major obstacle to the promotion of LED, in the field of jewelry lighting, the price of the product is also very sensitive. Although the technology is now more mature product, the customer is more satisfied with the LED lighting environment, but the quality of product quality, but also led to the price is an important factor in opening the gap between enterprises.
   At present, customers in the selection of LED lighting products, the price of the dominant factor may reach 70% -80%. Market price competition, to a lot of LED manufacturers to bring pressure. "In the price competition pressure, some lighting manufacturers choose to control the cost of the whole lamp.

   The performance of a product depends mainly on the quality of its chips, cross-industry awareness between the unclear, resulting in many customers did not see this, many companies in order to make quick money to use consumers to love low-cost psychological, endless Price war, which to some extent affected the performance of the product. Low-end chip although the price is relatively low, but in the heat, light effects and other aspects of the effect is relatively poor.
   It is understood that the price difference between the chip is obvious, some of the more high-end products, the price is generally around 4 dollars, while the mid-range products, a chip price is probably more than a dollar, and some more low-end products, the price can be as low A few hair or even a few cents.
   Now, LED lighting market polarization significantly. Before a lot of enterprises forced by the cost of pressure, instead of buying cheaper beads, while others continue to adhere to the high-end market.
   From a commercial point of view, the product of the transaction, the primary condition is the quality can be used, and then the second is the price. From the long-term investment point of view, although the consumer to buy the product price is slightly higher, but can remove a series of maintenance costs and other additional expenses, the service life is much longer. Now, many consumers have also seen this, in the high-end products are also popular in the popular.


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