LED lighting technology


    With LED continuous iteration, light efficiency als […]

    With LED continuous iteration, light efficiency also continued exponential growth, LED efficiency has now exceeded 50%, that is: they will be converted into more than the heat more heat. At present, manufacturers are more reliable because of their reliability and reliable radiator. Thermal management strategies have also been improving and flourishing. More than 90% of LED lamps are used for passive cooling. Under this strategy, the heat of the LED package is transmitted through a highly thermally conductive material radiator in direct physical contact. Despite the passive cooling and active cooling or the main choice, but other innovative technology is also joined. When incandescent bulbs can radiate heat, the LED produces almost no infrared heat.
   "Aluminum" - usually crushed or die-cast into a rounded fins - because of its light weight, inexpensiveness and ease of use, is used as a standard material for the radiator, so the LEDs must heat through heat , Otherwise there is the following risk: brightness, life, and color performance will be weakened.
Most manufacturers have abandoned the original use of LED simple alternative to the practice of traditional lamps, in turn, according to the characteristics of LED light source produced and optimized lighting. But time and market demand there is always a way to advance the technology to such a node, that is, heat treatment will soon become a later stage of lighting design considerations, rather than obstacles.


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