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   led lights because of its safety, energy saving, env […]

   led lights because of its safety, energy saving, environmental protection and other advantages, which has been widely used. But in use, we should pay attention to its use and maintenance of some of the problems, so as to play the biggest effect of led lights and have a longer life.
   First, buy back the lights, the first do not busy installation, should carefully read the installation instructions, and then follow the installation instructions in accordance with the good lighting, or there may be dangerous.
   Second, in the clean and maintenance do not change the structure of the lamp, do not arbitrarily change the lamp parts, after maintenance, should be installed as is the lamp, do not miss, misplaced lighting parts.
   Third, in the use of lamps as far as possible not to frequent switching, although the number of switching lights led lights is about 18 times the normal fluorescent light, but too often will often affect the life of led electronic components within the led lamp, thus affecting lamp life.
   Fourth, in particular, note that, in addition to special led lamps, the general led lamps should be avoided in the use of wet environments. Humid environment will affect the led lamp drive power of electronic components, electronic components damp, lamp life shortened.


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