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With the improvement of people's living standards, peop […]

With the improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for indoor lighting are getting higher and higher, which is not only reflected in product quality and energy saving, but also the aesthetic and fashionable sense of lighting design are also considered factors. LED panel light with unique SMD LED as the lighting source, plus the light guide plate and / or diffuser, so that uniform illumination, the ultra-thin design not only provide lighting, but also add artistic beauty, very popular in recent years. At present, the main use of LED panel light office lighting, classroom lighting, hospital lighting, hotel lighting, can also be used in showrooms, family living room, embellishment of the environment, creating a sense of technology and fashion.
At present, the main competitors of LED panel light are T5 and T8 grid lamps based on traditional fluorescent lamps, or grid lamps with LED as light source and hanging lamps for office use. However, the price of LED flat-panel lamp is much higher than the grid lights, almost almost the same with hanging-line lamps, the market competitiveness has not been fully reflected.
According to different classification, the market can be "nominal" for LED flat lamp lamps are classified as follows:
According to shape: LED flat lamp can be divided into square, rectangle, round, round and other foreign.
According to the size of the specification: There is a 300mmx300mm, 300mmx600mm, 300mmx1200mm, 600mmx600mm LED panel lamp which is made around the size of the grille lamp panel to replace the grille lamp; there are 2 ", 2.5", 3 ", 4 "LED flat panel lights and so on.
According to the installation: There are two main types of lifting and embedded, of course, can also ceiling (surface type) installation.
By light way: There are two types of LED flat panel light and direct type LED flat panel light.


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