LED spotlight advantage


LED spotlights are small in size, low in heat, long in […]

LED spotlights are small in size, low in heat, long in life, and have a theoretical life of 50,000-800,000 hours. Traditional spotlights such as cold light source spotlights, transmissive spotlights, and tungsten spotlights generally have a service life of 200-500 hours (the gap is extremely obvious), solid-state light source. , no inflation, no stroboscopic, maintenance-free advantages, 8-10 times more energy saving than traditional spotlights under the same illumination. It is the ideal lamp for stage and studio lighting.


1. The use of LED luminaires must be operated and installed by a professional lighting engineer or professional electrician as required.

2. Operate in strict accordance with the instructions in the manual, do not disassemble the lamps without authorization. If a fault occurs, please ask the professional to repair it. The repair must purchase the original accessories or the electronic parts corresponding to the parameters.

3. Fixed installation, taking care to protect the luminaire from strong vibration or impact.

4. Before powering on, ensure that the power supply is well grounded and the electrical components are tightened to avoid electric shock.

5. There are no user-serviceable parts inside the fixture, please do not open the fixture.

6. When transporting again, please pay attention to shockproof, it is best to use original.


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