LED spotlight master-slave function


When the lamp is connected with the signal by a signal […]

When the lamp is connected with the signal by a signal line, one lamp is an automatic function. When the other lamp is a DMX console function, it enters the master-slave function. The light of the DMX console status will follow the same function as the light in the automatic function state.

DMX function

8 channels CH8: 0-5 run CH1, CH2, CH3, CH4, CH5, CH6, CH7.

1, CH1: 0-255 main dimming

2, CH2: 0-255 The first group of white light dimming

3, CH3: 0-255 The second group of white light dimming

4, CH4: 0-255 The third group of white light dimming

5, CH5: 0-255 The fourth group of white light dimming

6, CH6: 15-29: the first brightness, 30-44: the second brightness, 45-59: the third brightness, 60-74: the fourth brightness, 75-89: the fifth brightness, 90 -104: 6th brightness, 105-119: 7th brightness, 120-134: 8th brightness, 135-149: 9th brightness, 150-164: 10th brightness, 165-179: 11th Kind of brightness 180-194: 12th brightness, 195-209: 13th brightness, 210-224: 14th brightness, 225-239: 15th brightness, 240-254: 16th brightness

7, CH7: 0-255 strobe, speed from slow to fast (grayscale is set by CH1, CH2, CH3, CH4, CH5)

8, CH8: 6-240: Gradient, speed from slow to fast, 241-254: chase, 255: all off.


1. Before performing installation and maintenance work, please confirm that the power has been cut off.

2. Please keep the distance between the luminaire and the combustible material above 0.5 meters.

3. The power requirement is 100~240V, 50~60Hz. If it exceeds this range, it is recommended to use voltage regulator equipment, otherwise it will seriously affect the service life of the lamp.


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