LED symbol system


LED symbol system Symbolic system One of the purposes o […]

LED symbol system

Symbolic system

One of the purposes of this symbology is to make each of the assigned symbols short, easy to read, and helpful in indicating its purpose. The symbol system consists of letters, numbers, and tokens, each with its own meaning. Only one symbol should be used for each particular lamp holder and lamp holder. This symbol system cannot be used to identify the material used for the lamp holder. Parts of a symbology shall be directly connected together without voids or other delimiters.

The complete symbol of the lamp holder is in the form described below.

Lamp head symbol: (a) (b) (c) - (d) / (e) × (f)

Lamp holder symbol: (a) (b) (c) - (d)

Note: Abbreviated lamp head symbols can be used, but such abbreviations must not be misunderstood.

Note: The term IEC is the opposite of the North American terminology. The contact and fixed parts of a lampless lamp are called "light ends".

Other symbols

EP10/14×11--Pre-focusing screw cap with a thread crest diameter of 10 mm, with a total length of about 14 mm and a skirt diameter of about 11 mm.

B22D-3(90·/135·)/25×26-- refers to a bayonet base with two contacts and a diameter of about 22mm. It also has three positioning pins with a radial distribution angle of 90·, respectively. 135· and 135·; total length is about 25mm, skirt diameter is about 26mm

BAY15d/19-- refers to a bayonet cap with an offset positioning pin, about 15mm in diameter and two contacts (for automotive), with a total length of about 19mm.

K59d/80×63-- refers to a lamp cap with two flexible connectors and a casing diameter of about 59 mm. The overall length of the casing is about 80 mm and the skirt diameter is about 63 mm.

R17d/80×63-- refers to the concave double-contact base with a maximum transverse dimension of the insulator of about 17 mm, which is necessary for the positioning of the lamp cap at the lamp holder. The height of the casing is about 10 mm and the diameter of the casing is about 35 mm.

SV8.5-8-- refers to the outer casing of the rounded vertebrae with a diameter of about 8.5mm. The length of the casing measured from the diameter of the circular cone of 3.5mm to the end of the open end of the casing is about 8mm.

T6.8-- refers to the telephone head with a width of about 6.8 mm between the outside of the two contacts.

EX10/13-- refers to the screw cap with additional requirements for the leakage distance. The diameter of the crest thread is about 10mm and the total length is about 13mm.


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