Lighting memorabilia


   -1879 Edison invented the lights;    -1938 fluoresce […]

   -1879 Edison invented the lights;
   -1938 fluorescent lamps come out;
   -1959 halogen light come out;
   -1961 high pressure sodium lamp come out;
   -1962 metal halide lamp;
   -1969 first LED light (red);
   -1976 green LED lights;
   -1993 blue LED lights;
   -1999 white LED lights;
   -2000 LED used in indoor lighting.
   -LED development is the second revolution since the development of white hot light lighting history 120 years.
   At the beginning of the 21st century, through the wonderful encounter between nature, mankind and science, the development of LED, will become the light of the world of innovation, the indispensable green technology of human revolution.
   -LED will be the first time since Edison invented the light bulb will begin a huge light revolution.
   LED lighting is mainly dominated by high-power white LED single lamp, the world's first three LED lighting manufacturers warranty for three years, large particles per watt greater than or equal to 100 lumens, small particles per watt greater than or equal to 110 lumens. Light failure large particles less than 3% per year, light fades small particles less than 3% per year.
  LED solar lights, LED flood light, LED ceiling lights, LED fluorescent lamps have been able to mass production. Such as 10-watt LED fluorescent lamp can replace 40 watts of ordinary fluorescent or energy-saving lamps.

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