Lighting selection of small ways to introduce


  Crystal lamp gorgeous brilliant contrast luxury style […]

  Crystal lamp gorgeous brilliant contrast luxury style; gold-plated copper wall lamp display simple and elegant style; natural material lighting gives a rustic natural feeling. The material of the lighting should be coordinated with the overall decoration style.

   Living room lighting options: the living room is a place for people to pick up, requiring a warm and lively atmosphere, you can choose bright, rich lamps, generally chandeliers, ceiling lamps, wall-based.
   We are often dazzling array of lights engaged in the dazzling, but still to remind consumers of beautiful lighting is not necessarily suitable for their own, then look at how professionals get lighting selection. You can own the material preferences to decorate. Children's room requires colorful, style changes in the lighting, for children to create a lively and safe space, the proposed selection of chandeliers, ceiling lamps. In the color of the mix, then pay attention to the interaction of light and color, through the combination of light to create a different season requirements of the cold and warm colors.
   Living room lighting options: the living room is the rest of the Antai nest, romantic, soft is to give it the subject, select the soft, decorative lamps for your bedroom to express a warm and elegant atmosphere, generally to lamp, wall lamp, floor lamp Lighting; lighting is an important component of modern home decoration, through the light of the light color, shape and combination of multiple lights can use a different atmosphere of the room for the decoration of the room by color.

Bathroom lighting options: the bathroom should be selected simple waterproof function of the lamps, generally in the wall lamp, ceiling-based; kitchen should choose simple shape, easy to clean, easy to clean lamps.

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