Maintenance of lighting eight skills


    First, the safe custody of the lamp products and re […]

    First, the safe custody of the lamp products and related accessories and so on
   The fixture must be used at a predetermined voltage and frequency. Do not turn off the power switch or turn off the power before cleaning .
Second, not free to wipe, although the surface of the lamp are coated with multi-layer paint coating and protective paint, but does not mean that you can freely wipe, in order to make your lamp surface long as glorious, we recommend you use as much as possible feather duster Remove the dust can be, or with a professional dust soft brush gently brush to the surface of the lamp fouling, of course, soft texture of the dry cotton can also be used.
Third, where the grounding of the lamps must always check the ground situation
   Safety lamps should be checked regularly to ensure that no abnormality occurs. When switching the lamp, removing the cover and the fuse, the power must be switched off.
Fourth, moisture waterproofing is the key to lamp maintenance
   Do not use wet cloth to wipe the lamp, especially the light source, the pipeline part, in order to prevent the conductive, short circuit, or premature rust, paint and other phenomena, the application of warm water scrub or wring dry soapy cloth scrub the lamp, Volatile oil and other scrub, the dust behind the lamps should be used dry cloth or duster sweep.
Fifth, the use, maintenance, attention to security risks
   Do not place paper or cloth or the like near the illuminator or cover the illuminator. Do not change the fixture structure or replace the fixture parts when cleaning.
Six, repair lighting places taboo
   Can not have gas, steam and other dangerous places repair lamps, but should be carried out in general places; forced to carry out, to ensure the safety of operations. Apply warm water scrub or twist dry soapy cloth scrub the lamp, can not use gasoline, volatile oil scrub.
Seven, crystal lamp maintenance
   Crystal pendants can be removed for cleaning, to be completely dry and then can be re-hung up, but should pay attention to the hook part of the connection as much as possible to avoid water, to prevent rust. Also note whether the connection hook is secure after disassembly.
Eight, the use of lighting abnormalities
   When an abnormality occurs during the use of the lamp, stop using the power supply and check it.

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