Marking and Indicative Lighting and indoor space display lighting


3. Marking and Indicative Lighting Places requiring spa […]

3. Marking and Indicative Lighting
Places requiring space restriction and guidance, such as road and pavement partition display, staircase step local lighting, emergency exit indication lighting, can use self-luminous buried lights with appropriate surface brightness LED projection lights or lamps embedded in vertical walls, such as ground guiding lights in theatre auditorium or seats side guiding lights, and guide lights in shopping mall inner floors, etc. 。 In addition, compared with neon lights, led projectors are low voltage, no fragile glass, and will not increase the cost because of the bending in the production. It is worth popularizing in the logo design.

4. Indoor Space Display Lighting
As far as lighting quality is concerned, because the LED projection lamp has no heat, ultraviolet and infrared radiation, it will not damage the exhibits or commodities. Compared with traditional light sources, the lamp does not need additional filters. The lighting system is simple, cheap and easy to install. Its precise light distribution can be used as a substitute for optical fiber lighting in museums. Commercial lighting mostly uses color LED, interior decorative white LED combined with interior decoration to provide auxiliary lighting, hidden light band can use LED, especially for low space.

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