Matters needing attention in factory lighting design


Lighting is related to the production efficiency and sa […]

Lighting is related to the production efficiency and safety of an enterprise, so how can industrial enterprises choose light sources and lamps to ensure economic benefits on the premise of meeting the production lighting needs?
First of all, industrial enterprises must do some preparatory work before choosing light sources and lamps. If the enterprise has its own relevant technical personnel in this area of electricity, generally understand, but in fact, many enterprises do not have this talent, so Xiaobian will briefly introduce to you what preparation should be done?
1. Understand the nature of production and work of their own enterprises, as well as the precision of visual operations, whether there are special operations. Because different types of enterprises have different requirements for illumination standards. The requirements of illumination standards for precision and rough processing workshops are different. Because the illumination (that is, the brightness we usually call) is enough or not, it is very important for some enterprises, especially the production and processing workshop, to a large extent, it will affect their work and even personal safety problems. All of these are well done, so we can determine how much power light source is needed according to the requirement of illumination, how much color temperature and how much glare index Ra light source is suitable for continuous operation, which will not make people tired under long-term light stimulation, thus making production safer. For special operations, the local illumination can be properly strengthened to achieve better results.

2. Whether or not the enterprise belongs to a continuous workshop, some special workshop, the location of the workshop passage, etc., can install emergency lighting (including safety lighting, evacuation lighting) according to these reasonable.
3. Place environment of enterprises. Including dust, explosive, damp, dangerous gas, high temperature, fire risk and so on. According to these environments, we can better choose the IP type of lamp protection grade and whether we need to choose three-proof lamp (explosion-proof, corrosion-proof, dust-proof) or high-temperature lamp and light source.
4. Distribution of roads, workshops, staff dormitories, warehouses, office buildings and power gates in the factory area can reasonably make a good layout of street lights. Some enterprises also consider anti-theft, so it is necessary to understand the distribution of the above buildings, so as to achieve the lighting effect, but also better do a good job in enterprise safety precautions.
5. Plane, section, main structure, roof truss, height and column layout of each workshop and warehouse can be determined after these are known.

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