The Basic Characteristics of Gentwin Heat Pipe I


Heat pipe is to rely on their own internal working flui […]

Heat pipe is to rely on their own internal working fluid phase transition to achieve heat transfer of the heat transfer element, with the following basic characteristics.

High thermal conductivity inside the main heat pipe by the working fluid, liquid phase heat transfer, thermal resistance is very small, it has a high thermal conductivity. Compared with silver, copper, aluminum and other metals, the unit weight of the heat pipe can be more than the delivery of several orders of magnitude of heat. Of course, the high thermal conductivity is relatively speaking, the temperature difference is always present, may violate the second law of thermodynamics, and heat pipe heat transfer capacity by a variety of factors, there are some heat transfer limit; heat pipe axial thermal conductivity Very strong, radial and not much improvement.

The pressure of the saturated isothermal heat pipe is saturated. The pressure of the saturated steam is determined by the saturated temperature. The pressure drop of the saturated steam from the evaporation section to the condensation section is very small. According to the equation in thermodynamics, the temperature drop is also very Small, so the heat pipe has excellent isothermal.

The heat flux variability heat pipe can independently change the heating area of the evaporation section or the cooling section, that is, the heat is input with a small heating area, the heat is output in a larger cooling area, or the heat pipe can input heat with a large heat transfer area With a small cooling area to output heat, which can change the heat flux, to solve some other methods difficult to solve the heat transfer problem.

The heat flow direction is reversible. A core heat pipe is placed horizontally. Since the internal circulation power is capillary force, any one end can be heated as the evaporation section and the other end heats up to become the condensation section. This feature can be used for spacecraft and satellite in the space temperature flattening, can also be used for the first exothermic heat of the chemical reactor and other devices.

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