The Basic Characteristics of Heat Pipe II


In the above, we mentioned several characteristics of t […]

In the above, we mentioned several characteristics of the heat pipe, this article will be listed in the heat pipe of several other features.

Thermal diodes and thermal switching performance heat pipe can be made of thermal diodes or thermal switches, the so-called thermal diodes is only allowed to flow in one direction, and not allowed to flow in the opposite direction; heat switch is when the heat source temperature is higher than a certain temperature , Heat pipe began to work, when the heat source temperature is lower than this temperature, the heat pipe does not heat transfer.

Constant temperature characteristics (controllable heat pipe) The heat resistance of each part of the ordinary heat pipe does not change with the change of heating amount, so when the heating quantity changes, the temperature of the heat pipe preparation part also changes. But the development of another heat pipe - variable heat transfer tube, so that the heat resistance of the condensate with the increase in heating and reduce the amount of heat with the increase, so that the heat pipe can greatly change the heat in the case , The steam temperature changes very little, to achieve temperature control, which is the thermostat heat pipe characteristics.

The shape of the heat pipe can be changed with the heat source and cold source conditions. The heat pipe can be made into the shaft of the motor, the blades of the gas turbine, the drill bit, the scalpel, etc. The heat pipe can also be made into a separate type Or heat transfer fluid can not be mixed in the case of heat transfer; heat pipe can be used for the ground can also be used for space.

This article and the article mentioned in the article is the basic characteristics of heat pipe. Gentwin professionally produce of high-quality heat pipe with all of advantages to meet the different needs of customers. Heat Pipe -

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