The Basic Information of Gentwin LED High Bay Light


People's lives can not be separated from the light, can […]

People's lives can not be separated from the light, can not be separated from the light, since the social development so far, every household has a lighting, each household will not like a candle as before life, since the electricity, people Life is getting better and better, and in production, for example, in the factory or mine these places, we also need to use the lights, but the lamp is generally used in the factory is the LED high bay light, LED high bay light is the factory necessary.

The so-called LED high bay light refers to the work of the field of industrial and mining design of a, but for this light, in order to better use it, some of its basic information we still have to understand, especially at the site On the work of people, they often have to contact the LED high bay light, if it is very familiar with it, then you can use it correctly.

LED high bay light has a most significant sign is the explosion-proof mark, construction in the industrial and mining is a very complicated process, and in such an environment, if the use of ordinary lights may lead to light burst, so in order to LED high bay light and ordinary The lights are separated, and the Ex d II CT6 explosion-proof mark is also available. With this explosion-proof signs workers will not take the wrong lights, so you can reduce a lot of accidents.

Protection level is the second basic information of LED high bay light, if you understand the degree of protection, we can let us know the most on the basis of the most correct choice for LED high bay light, it's protection level IP65, so that we need to refer to the purchase when the protection level to choose, and can not blindly choose, sometimes a choice may decide some things, so we have to be careful.

LED high bay light the last basic information that is its anti-corrosion level, in the complex construction environment, LED high bay light if the anti-corrosion properties, so the construction team will feel very safe, if the LED high bay light to meet these basic properties, also Quickly adapt to the construction environment.

Above is the basic information of LED high bay light, LED high bay light in the factory to apply more, so that LED high bay light innovation is also very important in the next few years LED high bay light its development prospects in the industry is a former bright.

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