The Importance of LED Heat Sink


Heat dissipation is a major factor affecting the intens […]

Heat dissipation is a major factor affecting the intensity of LED lighting. LED lamps are 80% more energy efficient than conventional incandescent lamps, but their LED components and driver circuits are very hot. If the heat is not properly discharged, LED luminous luminosity and life will be a sharp decline.

Heat sink can solve the problem of heat dissipation of low illumination LED lamps. Lighting manufacturers can produce 40W LED replacement lights and 60W LED replacement lights. High-brightness LED lamps will encounter heat problems. A heat sink is unable to solve the 75W or 100W LED lighting problems.

In order to achieve the desired illumination intensity, active cooling technology must be used to solve the heat released by the LED lighting assembly. Some active cooling solutions such as fan life are not high for LED lamps. In order to provide a practical active cooling solution for high brightness LED lamps, the heat dissipation technology must be low energy consumption and can be applied to small lamps; its life is similar to or higher than the light source.

In general, in accordance with the heat from the radiator way, you can be divided into active heat sink and passive heat dissipation. The so-called passive cooling, is through the heat sink heat source LED light source naturally distributed to the air, the cooling effect is proportional to the size of the heat sink.

The heat pipe is a kind of heat transfer element which makes full use of the heat conduction principle and the fast heat transfer property of the refrigerant medium. It conveys heat through the evaporation and condensation of the liquid in the fully enclosed vacuum tube, has extremely high thermal conductivity, good isothermal The heat transfer area on both sides of the hot and cold can be arbitrarily changed, can be a long distance heat transfer, can control the temperature and a series of advantages, and heat pipe composed of heat exchanger with high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure, advantage. Its thermal conductivity has far exceeded the thermal conductivity of any known metal.

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