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2017 Gentwin Company officially becomes the only suppli […]

2017 Gentwin Company officially becomes the only supplier of Phase change heat transfer heat sink of Citizen Chip in China


   30-700W LED Light Heat Sink: Prior Choice for LED COB Chip, Preeminent Cooling Solution for SMD Chip

   The Core Of Heat Sink—— Heat Column(Updated Heat Pipe)

Updated Heat Pipe: High efficient heat transfer device
China Invention Patent From Gentwin: ZL 2010 1 0162168.4
Thermal Conductivity is hundred times more than metal
Can be designed for 360° usage
Environmental friendly: non-poisonous and harmless inorganic medium


 Widely used for all kinds of LED lights: flood

     light, down light, high bay light, stage light,

     fresh light, etc.





2004 Establishment of Heat Transfer Laboratory.

2008 Establishment of enterprise.
2009 The birth of first heat-column heat sink for LED high bay light.

2010 Fins series heat-column heat sink was born, effectively reduce weight and rewrote the heavy history of high bay.

2011 Obtained ISO9001 certification, the SGS product certification and 4 national patents.

2012 The birth of AZR series heat sink. Won the title of Provincial High-tech SME. Adopted 3 new product certifications. Establishment of Provincial Heat Transfer R&D Center.

2013 Obtained invention patent of heat column and the title of Global Manufacturer Certificate. The launch of high performance products for lower LED power.

2014 Won the title of National High-Tech Enterprise. The comprehensive upgrade of products provided a wider application for light sources. The launch of LED luminaries and LED Light Housing.

2015 Provide customized LED cooling design solution, LED industrial lighting design service. Established long-term international strategic cooperation with some famous brands.

2016 Obtained the Municipal Level R & D Center by China government (Jiaxing Science and Technology Bureau). High-power flood light and spot light released. Built new cooperation in new industrial field by phase change technology and innovative product.

2017 Launched LED high power flood light, down light and so on, obtained lots of technical certificate and patents.


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