The Start Temperature of Gentwin Heat pipe


The starting temperature difference of the heat pipe is […]

The starting temperature difference of the heat pipe is different from the starting temperature of the heat pipe start-up temperature is determined by the internal control of the heat pipe and the degree of vacuum, heat pipe according to the application of different, divided into low-temperature heat pipe heat pipe, at room temperature heat pipe and high temperature heat pipe, heat pipe starting temperature is a certain type of heat pipe at a temperature to start the work of the temperature, start temperature, heat pipe is the beginning of the work of the symbol, not the best working condition, the starting temperature, the heat transfer heat transfer is very small start temperature difference is the effective temperature in the effective range of heat pipe the minimum temperature difference, that is, hot side temperature, The starting temperature difference is used for small temperature range heat transfer, such as air conditioning heat pipe design work temperature difference is the normal working condition of the heat pipe, the minimum temperature difference between the two ends of the working fluid, the temperature difference is caused by the two-phase material barrier. The minimum temperature difference under the working condition of the hydraulic heat pipe is basically equal to the temperature difference between the two-phase conversion potential of the water vapor.

In other words, when the starting temperature is lower than the normal temperature, the starting temperature can not be tested in the normal temperature environment. Some low-filled liquid heat pipe, often people think that did not start on the heat. Especially when heating with an electric heater or flame. The start-up temperature must generally be based on the temperature at the evaporation end. After the heat pipe is heated to a temperature close to the natural temperature, then the heating is stopped. Then, the temperature change of the temperature, the temperature of the evaporation section and the temperature of the evaporation section, the middle section and the condensation section on the heat pipe are observed. And the condensation end temperature drop significantly different, the evaporation section of the temperature is the starting temperature of the heat pipe. And the hot and cold temperature difference is the starting temperature difference between the heat pipe. This method of detection is generally more accurate than the heating method. And easy to operate. In a closed heat pipe environment, the pressure in the heat pipe is not only related to the temperature of the hot end but also to the cold junction temperature, and the heat pipe pressure is the concept of temperature difference. Changing the temperature of either end of the heat pipe can change the heat movement state and structure of the heat pipe.

The difference is that the pressure in the heat pipe is dynamic, and the pressure in the normal environment is basically stable. The boiling phenomenon of the working fluid in the heat pipe has a wider dynamic temperature range than the boiling of the working fluid in the normal state. Boiling and not boiling, after all, is a clear distinction between, as a boundary should be easier to identify.

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