Unique design of LED ceiling lamp


Unique design 1. Novelty in appearance design, ingeniou […]

Unique design
1. Novelty in appearance design, ingenious in structure, full of modern flavor, in line with the trend of the times.
2. In the aspect of heat dissipation, we creatively adopt the design scheme of air convection cavity type aluminium radiator. The upper and lower layers of the radiator are permeable both front and back. At the same time, there are air convection holes on both sides of the radiator, which strengthens the air flow inside the cavity and is conducive to heat exhaust, thus effectively improving the heat conduction efficiency of the LED light source.
3. The above unique heat dissipation design ensures the safe working temperature of high-power LED light source below 45 C.
4. Unique secondary optical lens module and output design are adopted. The length of spot is determined by the angle of LED light output, so that the distribution of light can be reasonably controlled, the waste of light can be avoided and the loss of light can be reduced.

Characteristic parameter index
1. When the LED ceiling lamp designed by us works under nominal rated power supply voltage and rated frequency, the difference between actual power consumption and rated power consumption is not more than 10%, and the power factor is not less than 0.92.
2. The protective grade A of LED ceiling lamp is no less than IP67.
3. The rated average life of LED ceiling lamp is not less than 30000h.
4. Maximum temperature LED ceiling lamp rated maximum temperature Tc value is not more than 58 C.
5. The maximum heat sink temperature of each LED tube in the lamp is not more than 65 C.
6. The voltage protection level of surge suppression performance (lightning stroke resistance) should be no less than 2 kV (line-line) and 4 kV (line-ground).
7. When some of the LED bulbs in the light distribution characteristic lamps are extinguished or the whole lamp is dimmed, the spot shape and the illumination uniformity of the road surface do not change significantly.


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