What are the advantages of UVLED light source equipment


UV LED is an ultraviolet LED light emitting diode. Comm […]

UV LED is an ultraviolet LED light emitting diode. Common UVLED wavelengths are 400nm, 395nm, 390nm, 385nm, 380nm, 375nm, 365nm, 310nm, 254nm and so on. The


For UV glue curing effective wavelength is mainly 365nm, so commonly referred to as UVLED light source equipment mostly refers to 365nm wavelength UVLED light source equipment. UV LED new curing system, through the conversion of electricity → light energy to make high-power LED UV diode chip produced High-purity 365nm monochromatic ultraviolet light, energy is highly concentrated in the wavelength range required for curing UV glue.

1, UVLED light source equipment is different from the traditional high-pressure mercury lamp curing equipment; the UV light produced by the traditional curing machine looks very bright, high heat, in fact, its spectrum is very wide, really in a certain ultraviolet spectrum of effective curing Only a part of the energy, a significant part of which is in the visible light section (light stray light) and generates heat, causes serious damage to the operator's eyes and easily deforms the workpiece by heat. The LED spot light irradiation method emits high purity. 365nm monochromatic ultraviolet light, which belongs to the cold light source; the workpiece temperature only rises by about 3 degrees, the workpiece will not be deformed, and its energy is highly concentrated in an ultraviolet spectrum segment with effective curing, which is only 310mw for the UV-LED point light source. The main reason is that the UV intensity is about the same, but the actual use effect is comparable with the curing effect of the high-pressure mercury lamp with the light intensity of 1000-2000mw. Usually, the curing time is shortened to 0.5 to 5 seconds.

2. Low production cost: Due to the LED's light-emitting mode, the lifetime can reach more than 25000 hours (continuous ignition life). It adopts energy-saving design, only when it needs to be illuminated, it has low power consumption: about 50W. (The traditional UV curing machine, lamp life is generally 1000 hours, high power consumption, power supply power 30KW. LED point light body is small and light 27 * 12 * 450px3, it can be easily integrated into the automatic assembly process, or As a complete desktop system, it can also be installed in a small device.The LED head is controlled by computer CPU, you can choose manual or automatic control operation according to actual needs, and set the time required for light irradiation (accurate to 0.01S) It further supports high-precision bonding requirements and reduces the time-consuming error caused by human operations.The LED curing equipment hardly generates heat, is not brittle, does not contain mercury, and does not require maintenance costs (the operating temperature of a conventional curing lamp is 500°C, and it is fragile. Mercury; maintenance costs: several).

3, UV-LED special condenser lens assembly also allows its energy is highly concentrated in the curing point, enhances the UV glue curing efficiency, can drive 8 channels at the same time (each device can hold 8 LED tubes), Separately controlled to reduce costs for users, while increasing the area of exposure.


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