What lights are used for tower cranes at construction sites


In the past, dysprosium lamp was used most on the tower […]

In the past, dysprosium lamp was used most on the tower crane. Dysprosium lamp is a new type of long-life gas discharge light source and a kind of metal halide lamp. It emits its unique intensive spectrum by using the filled dysprosium iodide, thallium iodide, mercury and other substances. The spectrum is very close to the solar spectrum, thus improving the luminous efficiency and color rendering of the lamp.
Compared with dysprosium lamp, the use of Heqing photoelectric LED tower pendant lamp is better. LED (light emitting diode, is a solid-state semiconductor device that can convert electric energy into visible light. It can directly convert electricity into light) as a light source, energy-saving (Heqing photoelectric 400W LED tower pendant lamp can replace traditional 3500W dysprosium lamp) is safer and more effective. Environmental protection. The advantages of Heqing Photoelectric LED Tower pendant lamp are as follows:
1. It has a long life and remarkable energy-saving effect. The service life of Heqing LED tower pendant lamp is 50,000 hours, 100 times that of incandescent lamp, 5-15 times that of high-voltage gas discharge lamp and 5-10 times that of compact fluorescent lamp. Energy-saving effect is five times higher than ordinary energy-saving lamp.
2. More environmentally friendly. Heqing Photoelectric LED Tower pendant lamp does not use liquid hazardous elements and other harmful gases. It fully meets the national environmental protection requirements and is a green product.
3. More humanized. Constant current voltage of tower pendant lamp eliminates stroboscopic fundamentally, and the light is soft, which can effectively protect eyesight.
4. Instantaneous starting. Heqing Photoelectric LED Tower Hanging Lamp has the ability of instantaneous start-up of hot lamp, that is, on-off and on-off. Frequent switching will not affect its life, and its performance is obviously better than that of traditional lamps.


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