Why LED lights cross border purchasing?


Relevant institutions staff said, LED lights have custo […]

Relevant institutions staff said, LED lights have customers cross-border procurement, there are several main reasons: one is the price of LED lights will be different, and the other is the product is also different. If a LED lamp in the U.S. $10, but in the China purchase only 10 yuan, the price is very favorable, such as neighboring Russia, where they are scarce, but China rich, many Russians went to China cross-border buy related products, lighting products LED lamp is an example, in the past two years, Russia China LED lights procurement, LED lamp, LED lamp, LED lamp, LED lamp panel lights, a few, and the growth trend.
The prime minister Internet plus, so many traditional business owners by virtue of their position in the market to find a new blue ocean, make cross-border electricity providers, electricity supplier brand, brand is many traditional enterprises must walk the road of the relevant information, LED industry output value, about 50% is to rely on exports, the traditional trade in however, the fastest growth in cross-border e-commerce channels, is a traditional brand based gene. The development of LED lamp manufacturers cannot do without innovation, and Innovation led lamps need to break the original way of thinking, pattern and format mode, innovation is not the original format of subversion, innovation is the constant of the status quo, the new enterprise, and realize the rebirth, LED lighting industry needs to use the method of innovation, innovative products. In order to make the development of enterprises.
The size of LED lamp manufacturers in Shenzhen, many of the old imitation, but in doing cross-border electricity supplier, make use of the Internet LED lamp manufacturers, with cross-border thinking to do sales, expand the international market, through nearly two years of prohibition of incandescent lamp sales by the cross-border electricity supplier, enhance consumer awareness of environmental protection, the permeability of LED lighting products in the global lighting market is increasing, a lot of LED lamp manufacturers using the cross-border electricity supplier, their products sold to all over the world, based on the foundation of Shenzhen, the development of global trade.

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