Why you Need a LED Heat Sink


The often listed LED has the advantage that they do not […]

The often listed LED has the advantage that they do not generate heat. To some extent, this is true, because the LED usually does not produce heat in the form of infrared radiation, so the touch screen is cool. This is obviously not an IR-specific LED.

Infrared radiation is actually heating incandescent bulbs and other light sources, making them hot up. Without infrared radiation, LEDs can be placed in other sources of heat that can cause problems.

Although the LED is cool, but in the device itself, there are a lot of unnecessary heat. This heat is due to the low efficiency of the semiconductor that produces light. The radiation efficiency of LEDs is typically between 5% and 40%, which means that 60-95% of the input power is lost as heat. So what about the extra internal heat?

Using high-power LEDs, it is important to eliminate heat by efficient heat management. There is no good heat dissipation, LED junction temperature rise, resulting in deterioration of LED characteristics.

The surface of the heat sink also has a direct effect on thermal conductivity. The finish is actually better than the bright, unpainted surface. For anodizing and etching the heat sink is also the same, which will reduce the thermal resistance and make the overall better radiator.

Heat transfer occurs on the surface of the radiator. That's why the finest fins have a large surface area. This can be achieved by directly increasing the size of the radiator or by using a heatsink. The finned radiator helps to provide more heat transfer surfaces. While the fins help, there is still enough space between the fins to move the air to produce a temperature difference between the fins and the air. When the fins are too close together, the air between them does not cool and will almost be at almost the same temperature as the fins that will stop heat transfer. So more fins do not automatically mean better cooling, you need a good spacing fins.

Now you should know why you need an LED radiator. When selecting the heat sink and finding out the heat sink to use, remember to consider all the factors that contribute to the heat and cooling process.

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