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Which one is the fastest thermo conductivity material in the world?



What is Phase Change Heat Transfer?

The process of Phase change material from one phase into another phase

l Matter of Nature exists in three states - Solid, Liquid and Vapor Phases Under certain conditions(changes in temperature or pressure), the three states will conduct physical changes.

Phase Change is accompanied by Heat Transfer

l Process of changes into different forms is accompanied by heat suction or discharge.

Application of Phase Change Technology

l Take advantage of heat transfer during the Phase change prcess to meet the demands of heat radiation of industry and life.

Heat Pipe-Phase Change Heat Transfer Work Principle

l Heat of heat source comes from interface of heat column to its internal wall.

l The working medium is heated and turns into vapor rushing up.

l Vapor goes up to the top and changes to liquid because of cold, quickly reflow to the heat source.

l Heat conducts rapidly with several hundreds times in circulation and achieve in good performance.

Contain LED Chip Protector:Excellent heat transfer capability of heat column.

Advantages of Heat Column

l Start to function while the temperature is below 28 degrees.

l Thermal conductivity performance is stable, small cyclical fluctuations.

l Can be designed into be used at 360 degrees.

l Environmental friendly: non-poisonous and harmless inorganice medium, and even drinkable.

l Lifespan: more than 10 years.

l Automated production to ensure product consistency.



l The heat column heatsink can function at temperature lower than 28℃, and provide protection as soon as the LED begins to heat;

l Due to the efficiency of the heat conductivity of heat column, the heat of the LED chip can be transferred rapidly;

l The isothermal nature of heat column maintains the stability of radiating capacity of the heat column heatsink;

l he heat sinks are arranged vertically which is beneficial for cross ventilation. Comparing with the horizontal arrangement ,they can better prevent the attachment of dust on the heatsink.


Who am I ?

Inventor of Heat column (Updated Heat Pipe)

l A New Type of highly efficient heat transfer device with phase change principle.

l China Invention Patent No: ZL 2010 1 0162168.4.

l Professional Design for small area of concentrated heat source, Typical case is LED light source.


Manufacturer and Designer of LED Heat sink, Light Housing, Luminaries

l Specialize in Production and Research about LED cooling solution with phase change principle Base on cooling solution, manufacture and design LED Heat sink, Light Housing, Luminaries.


Customized Solution Provider

l Offer professional technical support, assembly service and customized design project.

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