150W ZT Series LED Heat Sink

150W ZT Series LED Heat Sink


Cooling Principle:Phase Change Heat Transfer

Thermal Resistance (Rth):0.2947°C/W(test power:150W)

Overall Size:Ф159*135mm

Base Plate:Ф30(Cu)*3+120(Al)*5mm


150W ZT Series LED Heat Sink

150W ZT Series LED Heat Sink(Model:ZT-D140H100, Phase-change Cooling, Rth:0.2687°C/W(test power:100W), Overall Size:Ф140*104mm)

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Core Technology —— Phase - Change Heat Sink Heat-Transfer Core Of Heat Sink: Heat Column High Thermal Conductivity: Far more than any material Low Temperature Starting Working: Less than 28°C Long Lifespan: More than 10 years Phase Change Principle: Vapor - liquid circulating transformation
The Core Of Heat Sink—— Heat Column(Updated Heat Pipe) Updated Heat Pipe: High efficient heat transfer device China Invention Patent From Gentwin: ZL 2010 1 0162168.4 Thermal Conductivity is hundred times more than metal Can be designed for 360° usage Environmental friendly: non-poisonous and harmless inorganic medium
Chimney Convection Enhance Cooling A better air convection fin design by taking advantage of chimney effect lead to a much better heat dissipation.
Nano-coating Appearance offers a better heat dissipation, Corrosion-Proof and Rust-Proof. Color Options: Black or silvery.
Customized Service for Base Plate Size Various Sizes of base plate are available to meet your light design with better performance and better price.
Thermal Curve(Tc Point Temperature)
Test result LED Power ( w) Ta Tc △T Heat Resistance Angle of LED
ZT-D159H130 150 25.0 69.2 44.2 0.2947 -90° ( Down)

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