300W RSH Series LED High Bay Lamp (110Lm/W, Meanwell-HLG, Philips SMD)

300W RSH Series LED High Bay Lamp (110Lm/W, Meanwell-HLG, Philips SMD)

IP65 , 5-Year Warranties , Certificate: CE , RoHs

Model: GHB-R30036

Luminous Flux: 33000lm , Luminous Eff.: 110lm/W

Driver: Mean Well-HLG , LED: Philips 3030 SMD

Heat Sink: Updated Heat-Pipe Heat Sink

Beam Angle: 45/90/120°

Certification: CE,RoHS

300W RSH Series LED High Bay Lamp (110Lm/W, Meanwell-HLG, Philips SMD)

300W RSH Series LED High Bay Lamp (110Lm/W, Meanwell-HLG, Philips SMD)

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Working Temperature: -30°C~+50°C Power: 300W Voltage: 110v~220V Voltage Luminous Flux: 33000LM Luminous Efficiency: 110LM/W
CCT: 5500K CRI: Ra>80 LED: Philips 3030 SMD 360 pcs Driver Mean Well: HLG-320-54A Output Voltage: 54V
Output Current: 5.4A Standard IP21 Customized IP65 Beam Angle 45/90/120° LED Life Span Luminous Decay <30% in 50000 hours Driver Life Span 7 Year

Driver Box

Aluminum, Black Nano-coating appearance, Anti-corrosion Click for details


Mean Well HLG-320-54A

Heat Sink

Hengjie Phase-change Heat Sink with Copper Heat column (Updated heat pipe) Click for details


Philips 3030 SMD LED 360 pcs


PC Cover to protect LED, External DIA:Ф155mm Click for details


Aluminum, High Reflectance Rate, 45/90/120 deg Click for details
Optimal Protector of LED: Phase-change Heat Sink with Heat Column (Updated Heat pipe)
Heat-transfer Core Of Heat Sink: Heat Column High Thermal Conductivity: Far more than any material Low Temperature Starting Working: Less than 28°C China Invention Patent: No.ZL 2010 1 0162168.4 Chimney Convection: Enhance Cooling
Comparison between Heat-column Heat Sink and Normal Heat sink Different Cooling Effort depends on different principle. More protection for central LED chip
Download for More Details of Heat Sink Ability : Comparison Reports of two kinds of heat sink.pdf
More options in different optical beam, material and appearance process.
  • Material:AluminumAppearance:Sand Blasting
  • Material:AluminumAppearance:Nano Coating
  • Material:PCAppearance:Semi-transparent
IES Curve
Thermal Curve(Tc Point Temperature)
Test result LED Power ( w) Ta Tc △T Heat Resistance Angle of LED
RSH-D285H160 250 25.0 64.6 39.6 0.1584 -90° ( Down)
Simply PackagingAdvanced Packaging
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Product Specification
LED High Bay Light Specification(Model  GHB-R30036)

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