C35 LED Bulb Light

C35 LED Bulb Light

Input Power:200-240v
Color Temp:2000-6500k
Operating temperature:-15~40℃
Average Life:15000hrs

C35 LED Bulb Light

C35 LED Bulb Light

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Flexible filament & Traditional filament



High Transmittance

High Quality Base

Flexible Filament

Vacuum Process

Two colors to choose Good electrical conductivity
High temperature resistance
Good heat dissipation
ensure less light decay
Make sure no
water or dust


Professional Equipments For Production


International Advanced Filament Technology
LED Flexible Filament use high thermal conductivity Aluminum as the PCB material. No need to weld gold wire with this Flip Chip technology, only Copper foil and circuit attach on PCB, chip solding on the circuit. Good thermal cooling performance make sure more reliable for the product.
Flexible and strong, highly efficient in production
Widely used, good choice for antique bulbs
Star Product
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